Meduxnekeag River Sunset, Woodstock NB. Photo by Brendan Helmuth

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Kit and the Calico Cat coverKit and the Calico Cat
A novel by Brigitte Marsden

With illustrations by Haylee Boone

Chapel Street Editions is proud to announce the publication of Kit and the Calico Cat, a novel for young readers by Brigitte Marsden, featuring illustrations by 12 year old Haylee Boone. When ten year old Kit Carmichael and her family move to New Brunswick, Canada, it’s fun being the cool new English kid in school. But soon her goofy sense of humour gets Kit into trouble with the school bully. Bullying, weird animals, a terrifying night time encounter - how will ‘the world’s Number One bookworm’ handle life in her strange new surroundings? Click here for details