All poets have the same subject – the world and their experience of it. But the theme is never exhausted. Edith Miller’s crows command the page. Many other birds, various animals, seacoasts, landscapes, family members, music, memories, and history are gathered here to tell the author’s story – to bear witness in celebration, narrative, and elegy to the common wealth of life.

About the Author

After a brief career in publishing, Edith Miller has been devoted to family, the arts, and the causes of social justice and the environment for many decades. She has been a lifelong writer with a particular interest in the arts, and especially dance. Edith has been active in a variety of community based art organizations in Sackville and Fredericton, New Brunswick. Her social justice work has included alliance building with First Nation communities. She wrote a biweekly column for the Sackville Tribune-Post on environmental, social justice, and Indigenous Canadian issues. Edith is a member of the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick, from which she has received awards for her nonfiction and poetry. She is married to composer and pianist, Michael R. Miller. They make their home in Fredericton, NB


Paperback  •  120 pages  •  ISBN 978-1-988299-01-3  Published 2016/05/17

From the Foreword by Thelma Ann Brennan

Welcome to the poetry of Edith Hoisington Miller. Through her book, Crow Impressions & Other Poems, we travel through Edith Miller’s life, a journey lived to the fullest through family stories, travel adventures, nature, music, and history. In her poetry, we discover a writer who has spent her life as a quiet observer, but, at the same time, deeply engaged in natural and cultural environments. Her poems carry the themes of her existence, from one to the other, none more important than another, all presented in clear, sharp images.

Birds are her messengers, especially crows. She begins and ends her journey with crows. The poet is strong in the belief that spirit is demonstrated through her association with crows. They journey with her as a metaphor for her respect for all beings.

About the Cover

The cover illustration, “Woven Together,” is from a woodcut on a skateboard deck by Ryan Livingstone, 2015. It was created for an art auction held to raise funds in support of a new skatepark in Fredericton, New Brunswick dedicated to the memory of Isaac William Miller, grandson of Edith Miller.

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Crow Impressions

Edith Hoisington Miller


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