The Faery Chronicles               Ann Brennan

Book One: Anglebert Crosses the Great Water

Illustrated by Leland Wong-Daugherty

The first book of The Faery Chronicles, Anglebert Crosses the Great Water, is a fast-paced adventure novel about an Irish Faery who, on impulse, but with a sense of destiny, travels with a Human visitor to her Farm and Forest home in New Brunswick. Much to Anglebert’s surprise, he has been expected.

He discovers the Elders have chosen him to help bring about a new union of the Faery and Human worlds meant to protect and restore the Earth.

But Destructive Forces are dead-set against this union and are on the move to prevent it. Therein begins a tale of cooperation, unlikely heroism, and a fierce battle, with the restoration of Earth’s healing energy hanging in the balance.


About the Author

Ann Brennan holds a B.A., an M.A., and an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of New Brunswick. She is a writer of social history, a novelist, a poet, and a committed environmentalist. She is a founder of the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick.

Her published work includes, The Real Klondike Kate, (1990, Goose Lane Editions), a biography of Katherine Ryan from Johnville, NB who was the first woman to complete the Stikine Trail during the Yukon Gold Rush and the first female member of the North-West Mounted Police. Ann is also the author of The Hawthorn Bush (2005 Borealis Press), a novel based on her family’s immigration to Canada from Ireland.


About the Illustrator

Leland Wong-Daugherty is an illustrator, natural-builder, and kite-maker living in New Brunswick, Canada with his wife, Tegan, and four children.

He lives in an off-grid home he designed and built, and is endeavouring to create a rural neighbourhood in the beautiful, sparsely populated area he has made his home. Tegan runs a small, arts-focused school and education centre.

Leland sells his natural cotton kites from his website:

This is his second illustrated book.


Paperback  •  200 pages  •  $30 (CAD), $25 (USD) 
ISBN 978-1-988299-18-1  •  Published 2018/11/27