Discovering the Movies in New Brunswick

A History of Cinema

David Folster

Edited by Marion Beyea

A Surprising History of Cinema

When David Folster discovered that some of the earliest documentary motion pictures were made in New Brunswick—wildlife and wilderness adventure movies—he began the research that led to this book.

This lively account of movie making pioneers in New Brunswick includes the stories of local entrepreneurs who established the motion picture theatre business in the province. In addition, it tells the stories of New Brunswickers who became key players in the movie industry. The book concludes with an epilogue on contemporary NB filmmakers and the state of the art in the province.

Discovering the Movies in New Brunswick is a well illustrated, unique, and highly entertaining contribution to the cultural history of the province and to the history of cinema in general.

About the Author

David Folster (1937-2010) grew up in Grand Falls, NB. He enjoyed a distinguished career as a journalist, publishing in both Canadian and American media, and working for CBC in both radio and television. He had a deep and abiding affection for New Brunswick and took every opportunity to promote its natural beauty and distinctive culture.

He was the founding president of the St. John River Society and served as the Executive Director of the Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick. He is the author of The Great Trees of New Brunswick, The Chocolate Ganongs of St. Stephen New Brunswick, and Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate.

About the Editor

Marion Beyea contributed to the research for this book and prepared the manuscript for publication. She served as the Provincial Archivist of New Brunswick from 1978 to 2013.

David Folster – Photo by Glen Ross

Paperback • 280 pages • $30 (CAD), $25 (USD) • ISBN 978-1-988299-38-9 • Published 2021/12/07