Daring to Hope at the Cliff's Edge

Pangea’s Dream Remembered: A Poetic Odyssey

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland

From Joggins Fossil Cliffs — to Pangea’s Dream

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland’s “narrative poem seeks to align literary studies, ecology, and paleontology to explore relationships between facts and artefacts, between faithfully narrating the past and thoughtfully influencing the future.” The setting is the Joggins Fossil Cliffs: a paleontological treasure on the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada. The author deftly weaves the elements of “witness, wisdom, and warning” into her poetry to create a conduit that gives voice to the Earth and its history — sounding deep alarm at the consequences of ignoring the ever-increasing and dire cries of our planet.

“Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland’s voice is timeless and timely, ancestral and modern, serious and whimsical. Be prepared for a journey of the moral imagination, an invitation into a council of all beings, and a unique experience that will leave you inspired, moved, and daring to hope.”

— Della Duncan, Ecological Economist

Work that Reconnects Facilitator

About the Author

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland is a writer, theatre artist, storyteller, and arts educator whose artistic practice is rooted in a commitment to environmental and social justice. She is the is author of JAZZ— Nature’s Improvisation and Bearing Witness, a spoken-word play.

Paperback • 108 pages • $20(CAD), $16(USD) • ISBN 978-1-988299-23-5 • Published 2019/08/06