The George Frederick Clarke Project

Chapel Street Editions is re-publishing the works of George Frederick Clarke, notable New Brunswick author and resident of Woodstock. From salmon fishing to archeaology to children's stories, Clarke's writings provide an important view into early and mid 20th century New Brunswick, it's people, and culture.

The Faery Chronicles

Book One: Anglebert Crosses the Great Water

A novel by Ann Brennan

Illustrations by
Leland Wong-Daugherty

The Wisdom Of Beauty

Stephen May

Who Are We?

Last Poems: 2016 – 2017

by Edith Hoisington Miller

That We Have
Lived At All


Marilyn Lerch

Twice to the Gallows

Bennie Swim and the
Benton Ridge Murders

Dominique Perrin

Daring to Hope at the Cliff's Edge

Pangea’s Dream Remembered: A Poetic Odyssey

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland