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Chapel Street Editions is  a non-profit publishing company founded and operated by Keith Helmuth, Ellen Helmuth, and Brendan Helmuth

Books from Chapel Street Editions are available directly from the publisher. We are a family based business and will respond promptly to your order.

Send us an email for ordering and payment information. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, e-transfer, and cheques by mail.

Our books can also be purchased through your local bookstore and can be ordered from Amazon, Indigo or other online outlets.

We encourage you to order directly from us or, alternatively, to patronize your local bookstore.

If you are a bookstore or retailer and would like to carry our books, please contact us for terms.

Our titles are not available in electronic format at this time.

If you are an author, and feel your work fits our mission, please send us a prospectus.

Our mission:

• To publish writing and art about the natural history, human history, and cultural life of the St. John River Region of New Brunswick, Canada.

• To publish books that advance an understanding of the relationship between the natural world, culture, and human stewardship of the environment.

If your manuscript falls outside the scope of this criteria, but is of similar subject or theme, we will consider it as a special project. An example being One Way Ticket.

If your work does not meet our criteria and you would like to self-publish, we can facilitate production and printing on a contract basis.

Price list

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Crow Impressions

Paperback $18ca/$15us

ISBN 978-1-988299-01-3

David Cameron's Adventures

Paperback $20ca/$16us

ISBN 978-0-988299-14-3

David Cameron's Return

Paperback $20ca/$16us

ISBN 978-0-988299-15-0

Earth Carries Spirit

Paperback $18ca/$15us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-2-1

The Faery Chronicles Book One

Paperback $30ca/$25us

ISBN 978-0-988299-18-1

The Ghost of Nackawick Portage

Paperback $35ca/$28us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-8-3

in the shelter of the covered bridge

Paperback $28ca/$24us

ISBN 978-1-988299-10-5

Jimmy-Why & Noel Polchies

Paperback $20ca/$16us

ISBN 978-1-988299-02-0

Kit and the Calico Cat

Paperback $15ca/$12us

ISBN 978-1-988299-09-9

The Last Romantic

Hardcover $50ca/$40us  • Paperback $35ca/$28us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-6-9 / 978-0-9936725-5-2

One Way Ticket

Paperback $15ca/$12us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-4-5

Paths of Faith in the Landscape of Science

Paperback $18ca/$15us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-0-7

Six Salmon Rivers and Another

Paperback $25ca/$20us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-7-6

Someone Before Us

Paperback  $40ca/$32us

ISBN 978-1-988299-05-1

Song of the Reel

Paperback  $28ca/$23us

ISBN 978-1-988299-03-7

Songs of the Ancestral Home

Paperback $18ca/$15us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-1-4

Taapoategl & Pallet

Paperback $25ca/$20us

ISBN 978-1-988299-11-2

Tappan Adney and the Heritage of the
St. John River Valley

Paperback $25ca/$20us

ISBN 978-1-988299-08-2

That We Have Lived At All

Paperback $20ca/$15us

ISBN 978-1-988299-19-8

Tracking Down Ecological Guidance

Paperback $25ca/$20us

ISBN 978-0-9936725-3-8

The Wisdom of Beauty

Paperback $15ca/$12us

ISBN 978-1-988299-17-4

within easy reach

Paperback $25ca/$20us

ISBN 978-0-998299-00-6

Amounts are in Canadian / US dollars and do not reflect the prices charged by other vendors.