A Chronicle of the Scovil Family

By Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund

Meadowlands is a non-fiction novel set between 1903 and 1934. Decendants of loyalist settlers, the Scovils farmed the rich interval land on the St. John River across from Gagetown, New Brunswick. This historical narrative recounts the story of daily life on their prosperous farm through times of great change. Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund, born in 1930, grew up hearing this history first-hand. She has re-created and brought her family's story to life in this engaging chronicle.

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The Woodcarver
and the Bears

By Gordon Gilhuly

Illustrated by John Cooper

In this beautifully illustrated new book for children, author Gordon Gilhuly creates a New Brunswick folktale of The Old Storyteller, two boys named Peter, a woods full of bears, and the magic that brings them all together.

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Telling the Stories of the Saint John River Valley
and New Brunswick

Chapel Street Editions publishes books that relate to the natural history and cultural life of the St. John River Valley and New Brunswick.

We are dedicated to publishing the work of NB writers and artists. We are particularly interested in writing that springs from a sense of place, speaks to cultural heritage, and celebrates the close relationship of land and people.

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When Pigs Fly
& Other Poems

By Michelle McLean

Illustrated by Sophie Arseneau

From flying pigs to frumps to fire-breathing dragonflies, When Pigs Fly is a fanciful romp around the neighbourhood where the words are at play and things can get a little punny! This collection is now fully illustrated and in print for the first time.

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New Release

New Release

Bright With
Invisible History

A William Bauer Reader

Edited by Brian Bartlett

Bright with Invisible History gathers a selection of poetry, short stories, journal entries, book reviews, and other prose by a remarkable man. William Bauer’s writings are full of affection for the puzzling and often humorous behaviour of human beings..

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