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The two latest releases in the George Frederick Clarke Project are now available. David Cameron's Adventures and David Cameron's Return are exciting adventure novels set in colonial Acadia. Written in 1950 and 1952, these novels for young adults will delight readers of all ages.

New Releases

Chris in Canada

By George Frederick Clarke

Chris in Canada was George Frederick Clarke's first published book. Released as a book for adventure-loving  young readers in 1925, The story follows a fourteen-year-old boy over eight months of his life when he has just immigrated, with his family, to a New Brunswick farm on the edge of a vast wilderness of woods, lakes and streams near Howland Ridge.

This is where Noel Polchis, an Indigenous hunter, introduces Chris to a way of life on the land beyond the farm. Chris dives headlong into this new adventure, captivating the hearts and minds of the many readers who picked up a copy both here in Canada and in England. The book was a great success and remained in print for over twenty-five years. Clarke went on to create a series of well-received books about New Brunswick and became one of the province’s best-loved authors.

Chapel Street Editions is proud to make this book available again in a new edition with added material by editor Mary Bernard.

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Recent Releases

Bright With
Invisible History

A William Bauer Reader

Edited by Brian Bartlett

Bright with Invisible History gathers a selection of poetry, short stories, journal entries, book reviews, and other prose by a remarkable man. William Bauer’s writings are full of affection for the puzzling and often humorous behaviour of human beings..

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A Chronicle of the Scovil Family

By Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund

Meadowlands is a non-fiction novel set between 1903 and 1934. Decendants of loyalist settlers, the Scovils farmed the rich interval land on the St. John River across from Gagetown, New Brunswick. This historical narrative recounts the story of daily life on their prosperous farm through times of great change. Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund, born in 1930, grew up hearing this history first-hand. She has re-created and brought her family's story to life in this engaging chronicle.

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The Woodcarver
and the Bears

By Gordon Gilhuly

Illustrated by John Cooper

In this beautifully illustrated new book for children, author Gordon Gilhuly creates a New Brunswick folktale of The Old Storyteller, two boys named Peter, a woods full of bears, and the magic that brings them all together.

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When Pigs Fly
& Other Poems

By Michelle McLean

Illustrated by Sophie Arseneau

From flying pigs to frumps to fire-breathing dragonflies, When Pigs Fly is a fanciful romp around the neighbourhood where the words are at play and things can get a little punny! This collection is now fully illustrated and in print for the first time.

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What Once Was

By Edward Lemond

This book collects the poems Ed Lemond composed as a deliberate discipline while caring for his wife, Elaine Amyot, during her final year. What Once Was is a chronicle of care and coping that weaves description and reflection into a testament of devotion

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Walks With A Three-Legged Cat

& Other Observations

By Ken Homer

Ken Homer of Upper Woodstock, broadcast a series of weekly essays which were heard throughout the Maritimes on the CBC’s daily audio potpourri known as Radio Noon.

A selection of these essays have been collected and printed for the first time in this new volume.

With illustrations by Woodstock artist Michael McEwing, especially commissioned for this publication.

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Knowing by Heart

A Tribute To A Kennebecasis Valley Homestead Farm

By Lee Whitney

Shortly after Lee Whitney and his family settled on their homestead farm in the Kennebecasis Valley of New Brunswick, he began writing for the Kings County Record under the pen name, Jacob Erdman. His weekly column was titled “A Letter from Home.” His essays continued to be published in the paper for over thirty years, much to the delight of his devoted readers. Knowing By Heart presents a selection of these essays, along with additional observations and reflections by the author.

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Apples on the Nashwaak

By Neil Sampson

Apples on the Nashwaak tells the stories of five generations of Irish families who called this place “home”..

"Neil Sampson’s first book, Apples on the Nashwaak, with its emphasis on time and place combined with dramatic action, fits neatly into the long tradition of storytelling in poetic form." — Roger Moore


Winner of the 2018 Alfred G. Bailey Poetry Prize
Writers Federation of New Brunswick

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The Translations of
Valery Larbaud

A Model of Literary Exploration

The Translations of Valery Larbaud is a concise yet detailed study of Larbaud’s entire career as a translator. It will be of special interest to scholars of comparative literature and translation studies. Allison Connell uses close analysis and comparative readings to show how Larbaud achieved the quality of translations for which he was famous.

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